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15 Jan


USS is a membership-based organization with close to 50,000 corporate members. These members pay fees to participate in used car auctions, which are held all over Japan. USS is by far the Number One player in the Japanese used vehicle auction market, with a share of over 30%.
The company goes to great lengths to bring its auctions to its members, wherever they may be, and to give them access to detailed information about the products they may wish to buy.
1) USS members can participate directly in auctions at any of 19 ultra-modern, high-tech locations throughout the country.
2) For members who cannot conveniently attend one of the live auctions, USS provides a satellite-based service (“Globe Network”) to beam the live trading in real time to fixed sites in over a dozen other localities around Japan.
3) And, for those members who cannot attend a live, on-site auction or participate via a dedicated, live-feed auction terminal, USS provides a Web-based (“Internet Live”) service, available to anyone with a computer, which also allows real-time remote participation in the auctions.
All of these services give members direct access to the huge, sophisticated USS data base of information on vehicles going under the hammer.

Outline of USS Auto Auction

Participation in USS Auto Auctions requires membership. For more information, please refer to our Membership Information.

Types of Auto Auction

There are three ways to take part in our auto auctions: on-site, via satellite, or over the Internet.
Since members are free to take part in our auctions in the way that best suits them, both the number of members and our contract completion (sell-through) rate keeps rising. The greater our contract completion rate, the more willing suppliers are to put their vehicles up for auction, resulting in a virtuous cycle.

On-site auctions USS Auto Auctions
  • Our nationwide on-site auctions are conducted once a week.
    Members can take part in worry-free bidding at on-site auctions, choosing from a wide-range of models and years, and can actually conduct their own preliminary inspections of the consigned vehicles.

    Contact your nearest USS auction site for further information.
Satellite auctions Globe Network
  • Members can participate in auctions at 19 USS on-site auctions and 11 affiliate auction sites across the country by using proprietary terminals for satellite-based communications. They can obtain information about vehicles in advance from their offices and can also check details about specific vehicles by using our "preliminary inspection agent service."
    Then they can not only make limit bids, but also directly bid on vehicles in real time at on-site auctions.

    For more information, please contact the TV business Department.


Internet auctions Internet Live
  • The Internet has made it possible for members to take part in auctions held at on-site auctions. Participants can check quotation information displayed on their PCs before auctions and preview the vehicle's details. Members that have put their vehicles up for auction can check the progress of bidding in real time.

    For more information, please contact CIS Support Center.


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