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Welcome to SMT Japan

SMT aims for high customer satisfaction and is always working to improve its services by tailoring them according to customers' needs.

The 24/7 prompt customer support is one of the major reasons why customers feel comfortable in purchasing their desired vehicle through SMT. The company ensures that the customer finds help whenever they seek it.

SMT is one of the few Japanese automobile exporters that delivers cars to almost every country of the world and has grown with time, strengthening its roots in every market it enters. The well-trained workforce of SMT understands the needs of the customers, therefore we arrange the most suitable cars for you and provide extremely courteous service. This is why the company has 85% repeat customers and a family of hundreds of highly satisfied and loyal customers in every market.
SMT is afast growing auto-trading company based in Siatama, Japan. Our expertise lies in selling high quality, economical used Japanese cars to more than 12 countries. We offer our clients a wide range of models and makes, all thoroughly inspected and maintained. Over the years, we have strengthened our processes, ensuring that our customers experience a smooth purchase process, flexible payment methods and swift shipping of their vehicles. All of this has enabled us to become a trusted name in the auto-trading industry.

Reasons To Choose SMT

  • Reliable Car Trading Company

    SMT remains to be the leading brand in the export business of used Japanese vehicles for more than ten years. It continues to expand as a well-reputed entity in amongst dealers and users across the globe.

  • Regularly Updated Stock

    Over 800 vehicles are listed every week for clients to choose their desired vehicle from SMT. You can browse through our stock and request the car you have been looking for in the very best condition.

  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed

    SMT offers the lowest price guarantee to our customers in order to help them book their dream vehicle at the best possible rates. The cars we provide are cost friendly as compared to the market and are in excellent condition.

  • 100% Inspected Vehicles

    We provide 100% inspected vehicles, certified by various inspection bodies so that once they reach you, they are ready to hit the road. Our team of quality inspection ensures that the inventory is of top-notch quality.

  • Well Located Shipyards

    SMT has the optimum location of its yards all over Japan top-notch control over course of its operations. It helps to reduce the cost and allows swift vehicle transfers, delivering the best services at lowest rates possible.

  • Fast & Safe Delivery

    Through our association with the best shipping companies, we make sure that your vehicle is delivered safely and on-time. Our clients can keep themselves updated on the status of their shipment until the time it has reached its destination.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    SMT's 24x7 customer support ensures that all kinds of queries made by our clients are answered as soon as possible. Our exceptional performance in delivering cars and quick buying process has kept our customers satisfied.


  • Auction

    Live Vehicle Tracking,Easy Payment Options,Translation Of Auction Sheet,Doorstep Vehicle Delivery Service,Safe And Fast Delivery

  • Shipping

    SMT provides two key methods of shipment to customers:
    RORO Method
    Container Method

  • Spare Parts

    Exporter of Used Engines and Parts from Japan

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USS is a membership-based organization with close to 50,000 corporate members. These members pay fees to participate in used car auctions, which are held all over Japan. USS is by far the Number One player in the Japanese used vehicle auction market, with a share of over 30%.